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    El 19 de agosto se conmemora el Día Mundial Humanitario, como homenaje al trabajo del personal humanitario.

  • Humanitarian

    NGO Forum

    El Foro de ONG está conformado por 28 organizaciones que hacen parte de la respuesta a las múltiples crisis humanitarias que ocurren en Colombia.

  • Humanitarian

    NGO Forum

    Our platform is aimed at enhancing the coordination, effectiveness and coherence of humanitarian aid in Colombia. 

  • Humanitarian

    NGO Forum

    Since its foundation in 2018, the Humanitarian NGO Forum has forged the necessary consensus to foster a better humanitarian response for the people affected by armed conflict, the Venezuelan migrant/refugee crisis, natural disasters and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Colombia.

    The Forum's platform brings together civil society humanitarian actors in Colombia responding to the needs of the population in times of crisis.

    Constituido en 2018, el Foro de ONG humanitarias integra hoy a 28 organizaciones nacionales e internacionales. Juntos, promovemos los consensos necesarios para la coordinación, eficacia y coherencia de nuestra respuesta humanitaria. En Colombia, atendemos situaciones generadas por conflicto armado, la crisis de migración y natural disasters and, since 2020, the response to COVID-19.

    Coordination and representation

    To forge agreements and links between humanitarian actors and other national and international institutions for a better humanitarian response.


    To communicate and foster the necessary changes for effective humanitarian action based on principles.

    Information management

    To support the exchange and joint management of information to enhance practices and the humanitarian impact.

    Capacity building

    To foster the knowledge for strengthening humanitarian operational capacity in Colombia.

    Public releases

    Previous releases

    1. August 19, 2021. In the World Humanitarian Day (ES)  (EN)
    2. June 25, 2021.For the respect of humanitarian action and in solidarity with Doctors without Borders. (ES) 
    3. May 5, 2021. On the recent incidents during protest days. (ES)(EN)
    4. March 12, 2021. Humanitarian situation due to armed conflict in Colombia. (ES)(EN)
    5. February 11, 2020. Temporary Statute of Protection for Venezuelan Migrants. (ES) (EN)

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